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"Rocket Nation" - A Legacy Of Achievement & Service

Since we opened our doors to students in 1959, Miami Central Senior High School has been a school focused on achievement in the classroom, on the Athletic fields, and in the Community. Over the past 63 years, scores of Rocket graduates have gone on to accomplish great things in all areas imaginable, and many of these accomplishments have been transcendent for society as a whole.

As we matriculate through the 21st Century, our students face more challenges than ever. Economically, School Systems across the United States have had to cut Student Programs due to the lack of sufficient funding - which results in deserving students not having the opportunity to participate in Events and activities that would be beneficial to them beyond the High School environment. The MCRAA strives to be a "supplemental" resource to provide assistance to these programs at Miami Central Senior High so that students have the opportunity to take advantage of various opportunities so they do not lose out on the ability to have a "competitive advantage" just as students in the Private School sector have.


The Miami Central Rockets Alumni Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to inspiring and supporting former students of Miami Central High School. We strive to create a positive environment for our alumni to stay connected, engaged, and involved with the school and each other.

Our vision is to provide educational resources, professional development, networking opportunities, and mentorship programs to help the current students achieve success in their personal and professional lives. Through our organization we hope to strengthen the bonds among our alumni and foster a culture of giving back to the school and community.



At Miami Central Rockets Alumni Association, we are dedicated to providing alumni with the resources they need to stay connected and engaged with their alma mater. We strive to create a meaningful sense of community for our alumni and to serve as a bridge between the school and its former students. Our goal is to create a vibrant network of alumni who continue to support and promote the school’s mission and values.

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