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Errol D. Bryant 

Class of 1989

Nominee for President

Errol Bryant

What is your professional history? (employer, past board experience, past committee experience, etc.)

Security Specialist - Miami Dade County Public Schools , Been on the events committee since the exception of the alumni association in 2005 , Served as the second VP of the MCRAA for a number of years.

What is your history with MCRAA? (length of membership, previous volunteer roles, etc.)

I am one of the founding members of the MCRAA back when it was established in 2005. I served as the 2nd VP of MCRAA for several years

In a few words, please state why you believe you are the right candidate for this position


I believe and feel I’m the right person for this position as I have been a part of Miami Central and the MCRAA from the begging , operating in many capacities. I worked inside of our Alma Matar in the trenches for over a decade. Having done so I feel I have a pretty good idea of how to bridge the gap between all parties , The current crop of Rockets , the Administration and the MCRAA organization. I’ve been a wrestling coach and mentor as well for the same amount of time in the walls putting in a major amount of work trying to be positive and impactful. I believe I have a very good idea of a vast majority of things needing to be done in and about the school and association.

Name ONE thing you would change in this organization? 


I think overall as a whole the association is doing quite well and there really isn’t to much that I’d like to see change. If I really have to make a choice I think it’ll be simply making a connection with all of the kids in the building as best we can as well as staff making them all feel they’re a part of what’s going on at Miami Central and the MCRAA.

Name ONE thing you would NOT change in this organization?

The one thing that I would never change is the passion and commitment to our Alma Matar that has been exuded by the MCRAA. I feel we all involved have a very strong and intense desire to better our school the kids in it and the surrounding communities.

What's a fun fact about yourself?

A fun fact about myself is that I am a collector of art and pictures. Particularly of Lions , Hearts and Black Art. I have thousands of them.

Is there anything you would like MCRAA to know at this time?


The main thing I’d like everyone to know is that I am very driven and focused on whatever it is I decide to embark on. I am very goal and task oriented. I do my best to see thru any and all things I initiate and are a part of. It’s always my goal to leave anyone and or anything better than I found it when it’s my time to move on.

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