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Chandra D. Burse

Class of 1993

Nominee for Vice President

chandra burse_edited.png

What is your professional history? (employer, past board experience, past committee experience, etc.)

Having held a variety of Leadership positions over the past 20 years, within well-respected Organizations. As a:


1. A faithful member of Antioch MB church of Brownsville- where I have been chair and member of many ministries and currently serve as a mentor to the Young Adult Ministry.

2. A civil servant and Supervisor in the Miami Dade County Clerk of Court.

3. A positive and motivational member and leader of the Order of Eastern Stars. 4. A member and Officer of BISCEP 5. The past President of the Class of 1993 10th year reunion.

What is your history with MCRAA? (length of membership, previous volunteer roles, etc.)

I have been a member of MCAA since roughly 2008 (under the leadership of William Clark), as of 2022 I became a member of the Laptop/Scholarship Committee and in 2023 a member of the Merchandise Committee.

In a few words, please state why you believe you are the right candidate for this position


With my 20 years professional experience in the public sector as well as being a member and officer within well respected organizations. I will bring those attributes along with me as we continue moving forward to greatness. I carry passion and a can do attitude with me in all that I do. Being the Vice President of MCRAA will be a honor and privilege of giving back to my school and community.

Name ONE thing you would change in this organization? 


Transparent Organinzation

Name ONE thing you would NOT change in this organization?

The built foundation

What's a fun fact about yourself?

I Love to bake

Is there anything you would like MCRAA to know at this time?


With your help I commit to keeping the foundation of our founders all while taking us to the next level of presence, community service and alumni membership

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