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Sheryl Henderson

Class of 1988

Nominee for Secretary

What is your professional history? (employer, past board experience, past committee experience, etc.)

I am currently teaching elementary school students. I have held this position for the last twenty-three years. Prior to becoming an educator, I served in many roles. I worked for the State Attorney's Office where I was a Filing Clerk, Clerk IV, Legal Secretary, and Case Analyst. These positions were held over a period of 9 years. Prior to that I've worked in other customer service related fields. I currently serve actively on two committees. One of which is the Fundraising Committee. On this committee, I have assisted in many areas. I have solicited sponsorships for The Inaugural Eugene Clapp Sr. golf tournament, and assisted in other areas to help this event be successful. While working on this committee, I was asked to be the lead of the sub-committee in charge of designing The Unsung Heroes Awards Celebration. I created tasks and deadlines, decorations ,floor plans, assigned duties, made video montage/slideshows, etc. I now am working on completing HundredX, which will bring more monies into our Alumni Organization. The second committee I serve on is the Outreach Committee. On this committee I am the financial secretary. In addition to this role, I assist in various areas with the Chair and Co Chair. I have participated in Tree Planting, MCRAA Business Expo, Breast Cancer Awareness Walk & Run, and Thanksgiving Adopt a Family for the Holidays.

What is your history with MCRAA? (length of membership, previous volunteer roles, etc.)

The length of my membership is almost eight months. My past and current volunteer roles are those that I have listed in the previous question, which are The Fundraising Committee and The Outreach Committee

In a few words, please state why you believe you are the right candidate for this position


I believe I am the right candidate for the position of secretary because the duties of the secretary are those that I have always done. I am very comfortable with the role of a secretary. Typing documents, record keeping, and technology are areas of strengths for me.

Name ONE thing you would change in this organization? 


The one thing that I would change in this organization is creating more ways for us to come together as an Alumni. I enjoy the Alumni Experience, but maybe another event to allow Alumni to come together.

Name ONE thing you would NOT change in this organization?

The one thing I would not change is the welcoming feeling that I felt the moment I joined committees and began working and meeting more alumni. It's priceless.

What's a fun fact about yourself?

A fun fact about me, is that I am a party planner. Within my party planning business, I do many things. Such as cooking, decorating, arts and crafts, etc.

Is there anything you would like MCRAA to know at this time?


I have learned so much since joining MCRAA. I've worked extensively with my committees. I'm a good listener and I look forward to the possibility of being your next Secretary of MCRAA.

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