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Twander Stringer

Class of 1989

Nominee for Treasurer

What is your professional history? (employer, past board experience, past committee experience, etc.)

Currently an Assistant Director of Sharon School of Excellence Private Christian school K-12, also teach Business, Social Studies and ELA 6-12 graders. Past experience Finance Clerk at South Miami Hospital.

What is your history with MCRAA? (length of membership, previous volunteer roles, etc.)

2 plus years membership, currently Co-Chair of Outreach, Co-Chair of Scholarship/Labtop and member of Media/Tech committee

In a few words, please state why you believe you are the right candidate for this position


I am the right candidate for this position because I have the required skills in finance and accounting to fulfill the role. Also, I count it a great honor to be nominated to serve on the MCRAA and give back to the school that I was proud to be a part of.

Name ONE thing you would change in this organization? 


One thing that I would change is, keeping the utilization of technology as user friendly as possible and integrate it in such a way that personal interactions remain and don’t get lost within social media platforms.

Name ONE thing you would NOT change in this organization?


What's a fun fact about yourself?

I love to laugh and joke

Is there anything you would like MCRAA to know at this time?


That I am trustworthy, reliable and a woman of integrity. My education background: Graduate from Barry University, Bachelor’s degree in Administration with a specialization in Human Resource Master’s degree in Organizatinal Learning and Leadership

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