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A Letter To Roc Nation 🚀

This is your President speaking. I hope this notice finds you all well. Just wanted to express to all who participated in this year’s annual Alumni Experience how thankful I am that you all showed up and showed out with so much Rocket Pride and Class. Once again it was another successful event and went off without incident. Everyone had an amazing time with family and friends just as planned and created so many more memories together.

As you all know and have witnessed over the years the Alumni Experience has grown tremendously. Originally we started out as a few and now we are many. So many that myself and a host of others have come to the realization that we have outgrown our home field at Arcola Lakes Park. We the MCRAA Executive Officers & Event Committee,  along with the administration at our beloved Alma Matar, the Managers at Arcola Lakes Park as well as County Officials have all come to the conclusion and agreement that it is in the best interest of all, that we look to relocate our Annual event. 

We have exceeded the comfortable capacity of neighborhood park and though we would Love to continue to embrace our community. We are in search for a much larger and conducive location. A new site has not been determined as of yet but will be forthcoming. We have grown so until we now are forced to almost double the resources needed to facilitate the event.

Aside from being assessed higher fees for the event we have also grown to where we have to hire more Police Officers, as well as other pertinent amenities such as, secure Roll Off Dumpsters, Port-a Potties, hire additional Park Security and Cleaners.  So as you can understand we’ve incurred a significant increase in funds needed to make this event happen. Throughout the time we’ve been having the alumni experience the MCRAA has been sustaining the brunt of the cost with some help from outside support and very minimal financial support from the perspective classes of Miami Central. Having to move to a bigger and more conducive park is going to be a lot more costly and your Alumni Association is going to need your help in order for us to keep the experience alive.

Naturally as everything else around us is rising in price, moving forward so will the assessments for each class. It is going to be vital to the existence and ability for our alumni experience to be able to continue. That assessment cost has not yet been determined. We will schedule a meeting soon to hear your feedback and suggestions. Please forward those concerns to your respective Zone Leader. Please be mindful that this is a necessary move.

Although the MCRAA is still going to bear the brunt of the cost we need assistance to keep things going and hope that we can depend on you all to do so. Again we have not met officially as of yet so nothing is in stone. There maybe some other changes as well such as the Saturday in April that we choose to have the picnic as we want to have a weekend of our own and allow both Miami Central and any other school the opportunity of the same.  Notifications of when the Alumni Experience debriefing meeting of the minds will happen. However, in the meantime again share with your Zone Leader the feedback you have as well as suggestions. 

Additionally, planning for our 2025 Alumni Experience will begin earlier than usual - to allow proper planning. Until then I ask that you all be patient, understanding and as supportive as need be to help us continue to be able to put on a very exciting and amazing event. 

With Rocket Pride,

MCRAA Alumni President

Errol D. Bryant

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