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Picnic Update From MCRAA President

Greetings once again Roc Nation:

 I pray you all are well as you read this message to you all. I would hope that you do so with an open mind as I convey to you very intimate thoughts and feelings as it pertains to our beloved Alma Mater and the annual Alumni Experience. Like all of you I love having our picnic in our own neighborhood and would like nothing more than to be able to continue to do so. This being possible ultimately is not my final say for it to be however I assure you all that “STAYING PUT” is my desire and what I will definitely be fighting for on all of our behalf.

There are extenuating circumstances and events that a vast majority of you are not aware of because you are not in the thick of things with those of us who are. Despite the large number of Rockets that show up for the games and the yearly picnic there unfortunately is only a small core group of us who give all and everything they have to this alumni association to facilitate and make happen the things and events that we do have. We all tirelessly grind behind the scenes giving up our time, resources and even finances in a lot of cases to pull off those things that you all are able to attend and enjoy such as the Alumni Experience. Contrary to what some of your thoughts are or maybe there is only a group of 20/30 people who are consistent and constant when it comes to operating MCRAA and making it the success that you all hear about.

Though we are fighting , grinding and battling so many things behind the scenes that most of you have no clue or idea about we do it with love and smiles on our faces. I understand that a number of you feel some type of way about the possible movement of the Alumni Experience, please know and understand those working to make it possible also feel some type of way and want nothing more than for us to be able to stay at our home park. Although I do agree with the fact that we’ve outgrown the park in some ways I also feel that with cooperation from all involved (You Too) we can still have our event at Arcola Park and make it work. But it’s going to take effort from us all. There are a number of things those of you who aren’t involved have no clue about that causes and raises concerns on so many levels in many areas.

For those of you who have ideas, suggestions, resources and finances that can help please I encourage you all to come aboard and help the Alumni Association in any and every way that you can so that we can continue to do the things that we are and the things that we want to do in the future. Please don’t just stand on the sideline criticizing and calling the plays you think we should run and not actually getting in the game and helping. There is strength in numbers, when it comes to putting in the work our numbers are very low but extremely high when it’s time for the actual event to take place. While I understand we all love Roc Nation we need you all to have the same energy to help us prosper, grow and thrive. So please I beg of you all, pay your dues, get involved,  join a committee, share your resources and anything else you have to offer that would make MCRAA that much better and successful.

Those of us who are already in the trenches are doing the best we can with what we have to make things happen for all of us of Roc Nation but I assure you we can use a lot more help in doing so. Let’s not just be Rockets only when it’s football season or time for the picnic, let's show up for the meetings, the planning the general alumni meetings the second Wednesday of every month @7pm as well as Career Day and everything else that doesn’t involve football and or music at the park. I employ you all to fully get involved and help to make a difference. In closing I promise you that myself, the Executive Board, the Events Committee and every other active vested chair and officers of the MCRAA will fight to keep and maintain the Alumni Experience at our home park but we could really use some help in the fight. 

Join Us! 


Errol D. Bryant Sr. 

MCRAA President 

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