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2023 Elections



The President serves as the face of the organization, and as such, provides leadership and vision, proposes the direction and ensures that the organization is working toward its stated goals. The President is the primary spokesperson for the organization, recruiting donors, and attending fundraising functions. 


The Secretary plays a vital and critical role as it pertains to maintaining minutes, records and Bylaws of the alumni association. The Secretary shall be responsible for keeping a written record of all General Meetings of the alumni association ensuring that all active members receive the minutes and records. 

Vice President

In the event of the President’s absence, the Vice-President shall exercise all the duties of the President. 

  • Oversee and coordinate all committees and shall serve as an Ex-officio member of each committee. 

  • Become familiar with, and be informed the status of all committee activities of the organization. 

  • Shall preside at all meetings. 

  • The Vice-President must work in partnership with the President when required. 


The Treasurer is responsible for accountability of alumni association’s finances, for maintaining accurate records and for preparing monthly, quarterly and annual statements of the alumni association’s accounts. The treasurer shall provide a copy of the report to each alumni member in attendance at the general meeting prior to the presentation. 


Errol Bryant

Errol D. Bryant



Twander Stringer


chandra burse_edited.png

Chandra D. Burse

Vice President


Robert Echevarria Jr.

Vice President

Sheryl henderson

Sheryl Henderson


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